I’m back!

Sorry for the months of silence.  It’s been a crazy ride. I’ll tell the story later, however, currently I’m back in the states dealing with my cancer and now the current coronavirus scare.  I’m doing pretty good all things considered.  I’ll post more later as using my phone is a pain in the ass.  Stay tuned!


  1. Angela · March 12

    Welcome back!!!
    Chris and I (who live in Issaquah and you made home visits to us) have prayed for you, worried about you, hoped for you!
    You are like Lazarus, rising again!
    Take care, and let us know when your book is ready.
    We are waiting…

    Angela Muser


  2. Carl · March 12

    My goodness it’s good to hear from you! I had almost given up. I’ll be waiting to read those stories.



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