Health Update

I don’t even know where to start.  Over the last several months I’ve been dealing with weird health issues.  They have accumulated into me taking a lot of tests (colonoscopy, endoscopy, various ultrasounds, CAT scans, blood work, X-rays and eventually biopsies.   It appears that I have cancer.  What kind, we don’t know.  I’m lucky that I’m going to the best oncology department in Krakow.  We’ve ruled out breast cancer and ovarian cancer and hopefully by Friday I’ll have the answers.

The health  stuff had definitely put most everything else in my life on the back burner.  However, it’s not going to stop me from living a full and complete life.

My hashtags for this current adventure.  #cancersucksandmylifedoesnot  #Cancer?Whatever.


  1. Angela · April 9, 2019

    Hi Allena, This is me Angela in Issaquah. You helped my husband and me so much with your patience and encouragement. I wish for you a cheer leader and coach person on this new path your life takes. You are such a treasure of a person, may you navigate this new territory with the highest guidance. xoxo.


  2. allenagabosch · April 9, 2019

    Thank you so much. I’m glad I could make a difference in your life. 😀


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