Cyprus adventures

I’ve been exploring Cyprus these last two and a half  weeks and have met some amazing people.   This coming weekend I’m even going to a kinky munch in Larnaca (less than an hour away) so I can make new kinky friends.  I’m hitching a ride with a young man who I met on fetlife and look forward to getting to know the community here.

Speaking of men, I’ve met a couple very interesting ones.

One is an older gentleman who I met at a local tavern that I’ve become attached to (think Cheers in Cyprus).  Panikos is a darling who has been divorced for 35 years and was quite taken by me.  The biggest issue is that he speaks very little English and if it wasn’t for the kindness of another guy at the bar, interpreting for us, we wouldn’t even have had the opportunity to connect.  He’s also a bit older than me, seems fairly conservative and I’m not super attracted to him AND he’s very sweet and nice and we’ll hangout for sure again at the bar.

The other one is very handsome, 50 (a great age for me) and extremely intelligent and even kinky.  He’s ideal.  There is just one drawback.  He’s married and they are monogamous.  He’s been extremely respectful and our relationship is one of just friendship, although if he was poly I’d so jump at the chance to be more than a friend.  He sparks my sapiosexual side sooooo hard.  He and I have similar values when it comes to politics and religion.  It’s great to have someone I can talk to here about pretty much anything. (which is very sexy) He understands consent culture and like I said, he’s kinky.  Sigh.  Too bad he’s married.   Fucking ethics sometime get in the way of a good time.

This isn’t the first time my personal ethics have gotten in the way of me playing or getting laid.  There’s a very sexy and sweet man in Seattle who is in a poly/mono marriage and his wife doesn’t want to meet his partners.  Since I have my personal agreements with myself to not play with or have sex with anyone who I haven’t met their primary, he and I have remained good friends.

Like I said, fucking ethics sometime get in the way of a good time.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  A momentary lapse in ethics, just to get laid, will always end badly in the long run.

So for now,  it’s me and my Hitachi and we have a great relationship.  Speaking of that, here in Cyprus they have European plugs so in order to use my Hitachi I need a transformer box or a plug adapter.  Well, I have the transformer box and it has added a little umph to my Hitachi play.  It turns out that the box causes the Hitachi to pulse while it’s vibrating.  At first it was distracting but now, I’m kind of liking it.

Have a great week and I’ll try to post more about my Cyprus Adventures next soon.




  1. Andreas · November 30, 2017

    Most Americans they don’t even know where is Cyprus or what is Cyprus , maybe many Americans don’t know where Greece is, but they do know that Greece as a country . However, they don’t know Cyprus… Well…Cyprus is a small island in east Mediterranean Sea, is an independent country since 1960 after 4 years fighting against British , so Cyprus is an ex British colony … The Majority of the citizens are Greeks origin 82% and 18% Turkish origin …
    The island is divided since 1974 when Turkey invited the island and occupied 37% of the land after a military coop organized by Greek junta, who were rule Greece that time .
    Cyprus is between 3 continents Asia, Europe and Africa (is a member state of EU now) because of that location was always a target from every big power in the world during the years . Cyprus have History for over 10,000 years. Is the place of birth of Aphrodite (Romans call her Venus) the Goddess of beauty and love (in a way of sex too  )
    Cyprus people are usually friendly and very welcome to all foreigners, is a tourist place after all. Many Tourists, mainly from Europe, visiting the island every years, not so many Americans. If you are an American citizen visiting Cyprus you will be surprised, because people will be very friendly to you, and if you discuss with them politics you will see that they are kind of anti American toward American foreign policy, but at the same time they will tell you about all bad things USA did for their country and how angry they are with America, they will offer to buy you a drink …. 
    Allena as a sweet and open minded American woman that she is , I am sure she will enjoy her time in Cyprus and Cypriots will love her very much…. (Apologize for any mistakes in English language and Grammar )


  2. Ambrose M · December 5, 2017

    I’m not surprised at all to hear you’re making new friends. I expect there will be some that will last a long time.
    I think your pulsating wand is curious, but as long as it’s not overheating have fun! 🙂


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