I’m In Cyprus!

Just a short update.

Well, I’ve been here a week and I’m finally feeling not jet-lagged and ready to start writing.  I’ve even spent an hour this week working on my book and about the same amount of time working on the book I’m co-authoring.  And I’ve started to exploring this beautiful place.

It’s had it’s challenges. I’m pretty much an extrovert (I know, surprise) and since I’ve been here I’m pretty much on my own the bulk of the day.  Llywelyn works all day during the week and currently Athena is in East Timor until early December,  spending time with their soon to be adopted daughter. And, when I do venture out, there aren’t many coffee shops or cafes in the area and most of the people I’ve encountered speak very little if any English.  So I’m going to have to explore even further outside my neighborhood.   It’s been many years since I’ve not had a vehicle. I’m sure I’ll figure out the bus system and there’s always cabs.

It’s been interesting to not have my plate full or be hanging out with friends and meeting strangers at cafes. etc. Llwelyn flew off today to join Athena and I’ll have a week completely to myself.  I think I like the solitude and I’m looking forward to this weekend and next week when I head off to explore the museums and art gallery’s in Old Nicosia.

I have met some folks on-line and hope to meet a few face-to-face in the near future.  I know I’ll make new friends.

Aw, the challenge of new adventures.




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