My Personal Mission Statement


Several years ago I realized that I needed a personal Mission Statement.  Nonprofits and many businesses have Mission Statements.   A Mission Statement, simply put,  is a summary of the aims and values of a company or organization.  I believe that we, as individuals,  should also have Mission Statements.

What are our aims and values? After much thinking I came up with mine — to bring joy to sexuality and to make a difference in the world.  Even before I created my formal Mission Statement I realized I’ve been living within those aims and values for most of my life.  I just needed to put them into words

For the last 25+ years I’ve been teaching at colleges and universities around the country as well as sex, poly and BDSM conferences.  I’ve been creating sex positive events and classes for the greater Sex Positive Community.  I am one of the founders of the Center and the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture (two organizations that create space and education for the sex positive communities)and the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.    I’ve been on many  boards (like the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, a sexual  advocacy org;, a young adult homeless shelter;  Common Meals, an organization for feeding the homeless; to name three).  These are just some of the ways I’ve brought joy to sexuality and made a difference in the world.

I love it when some random person comes up to me and says “you spoke at my human sexuality class 10 years ago and now because of you I’ve found the BDSM community and my life’s been changed (I’ve had this happen in some form or the other dozens of times).  I love that I can make a difference in the world, even if it’s one person at a time.

It is powerful to put words to what I am about.  When I speak at colleges, teach classes at conferences, do keynote speeches I try to always remember to mention my Mission Statement.  I want to inspire others to create their own  So I ask you.  What is your mission?  What are your aims and values as an individual?   I’d love to know what you came up with.


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  1. Carl Bergstrom · July 16, 2017

    If you had asked me twenty years ago I would have said my personal mission is ‘To make people happy.’ To a large extent that is still true, but I find there is an ebb and flow to the granularity of it. Today it’s more like ‘To comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.’ I have come to appreciate the role conflict plays in getting things done in a society. Recently I willingly accepted the role of political goad. I also think about the philosophical problem of the run-away trolly and ponder the monkey-ness of all 7.5 billion of us – as in more fun than a barrel of…


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