Ten Commandments of Poly

The other day I was musing about the 10 Commandments (I know, a weird thing to “muse” about.  It was a weird day) and started thinking about other types of commandments and came up with the following.  I tried to stay as close to the original in concept as I could.  What do you all think?

  1. You shall not put anyone above yourself. No partner is better than you are.
  2. You shall not create false equivalencies between partners. Everyone is in your life for their own unique reason.
  3. You shall not curse or verbally abuse a partner.
  4. Keep the sanctity of all of your relationships at the top of your thoughts.
  5. Honor all of your relationships.
  6. Do not “kill off” or erase former partners. All partners were/are with you for a reason.
  7. Do not break agreements, for that is equivalent to cheating.
  8. Do not steal your partners’ agency. You cannot impose your morals on them.
  9. Do not lie to your partners; integrity is of utmost importance.
  10. Do not covet your partners other partners without first talking to that partner.

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