Sex Positive Now — The Book!

One of the books I’m currently writing is Sex Positive Now.  This is a collaborative effort with Jeremy Shub from Melbourne Australia.   We realized that there is no book out there about sex positive culture and we decided to rectify that by creating a book that encompasses as much of sex positivity as we can.   The areas we hope to cover will include the history of sex positive culture; sex negativity and shame; taboos such as sex work and porn; self-worth, health and emotions; pleasure, fun and joy; sex, intimacy and relationships of all kinds; kink and BDSM; sacred sexuality, tantra and religion; and our various sex positive communities.  We hope to answer the question: What happens if we live in a sex positive world (I’ll give you a hint—Freedom!)

The book will contain essays and interviews by some of the most amazing Sex Positive people in the world, such as Susie Bright and my awesome cousin Veronica Monet (to just name two of our contributors) as well as musings by Jeremy and myself.

We want to be able to pay those who contribute essays to the book and we can’t do that without your help.  We’ve launched an Indiegogo and would love if you can contribute!

Here is the link to the Indiegogo site:–2#/

Here is the link to our website so you can read more about what we’re up to!

Thanks so much!


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