Retirement? Yea sure.

So, I’ve been officially semi-retired since late January (I have a limited hour part-time job with SWOP-Seattle which is why I’m just semi-retired).  And I must say that retirement is a great way to stay super fucking busy.  I don’t remember the last time I had so much to do, even before I left the employment of the CSPC.

For example, these past two weeks I’ve spoken at Everett Community College Sex Week,  spoken to classes at Pierce College in Puyallup, Highline Community College and Pacific Lutheran University.  And tomorrow I speak at Evergreen College in Olympia.  Whew.  And then there was SASS ( which kept me pretty buys last Thursday, Friday and Sunday.   Near the end of this month I’m speaking to a group of therapists at Seattle Counseling Service and then the real fun begins.  I start to travel (and hopefully make some money).

Here’s my itinerary over the next six months.

This coming Saturday I head off on a road trip to Phoenix with one of my best friends.  She and I will be visiting her family and I’ll be relaxing and getting ready for the wild and wonderful travel I’ve got ahead of me.  I’ll get home hopefully around the 20th just to turn around and leave again on the 24th for Portland.

The weekend of the 25th of March (my birthday btw) I’ll be in Portland for Polytopia, the second annual polyamory and open relationship symposium and celebration.  (if you can,  join me!  It’s going to be awesome).

Then the next weekend it’s off to Chicago for Kinky Kollege and the NCSF annual meeting (did I mention I’m a board member of NCSF?).  I come home for a few weeks and then I’m off again to be the Keynote speaker for the International Ms Leather Contest in San Jose April 20-23.  I’m going to be driving down with another friend (I love road trips) so that whole week will be full.

Then back in town for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival the end of April and the following week, I’m jumping in a plane and heading to Denver to visit dear friends and do some speaking gigs (May 4-7) . Then, I’m home for a few days and I fly to Austin to present for the Austin Girls of Leather May 11-15 and then back to Washington for a few weeks.  Between the May 16th and June 7th I’ll be presenting to the kinksters in Olympia, swingers Memorial day weekend at Club Sapphire and also possibly heading to Eastern Washington to present a few workshops for the kinky people over there.  And I’ll be presenting again at Pierce and Highline.

A weekend off for my Granddaughter’s graduation June 9 then back to teaching and travel.

I’ll be at Surrender, the ecosex convergence,  in Southern Washington from June 14-18 and then I get a break. July may have another local event or two in it, but right now I seem to be home most of that month.

And then there is August.  First week of August the Rendezvous in Redmond, then the next week I’ll be doing opening ceremonies for the Gathering north of Seattle then it’s off to a road trip to Orlando where  I’ll be helping the organizers of FIRE create their first Erotic Art event, FUSE, which by the way they are taking submissions for art right now!.  I’m hoping to get some teaching gigs on the way there and back home to help pay for the trip.

And that’s my summer!

Oh, and I’m writing two books.  One I’m co-writing on sex positive culture called Sex Positive Now (more to come on that in a few weeks) and the other is a relationship book called 20 Principles to Try to Live and Relate By And Other Tips For Healthy Relationships.

Did I say I was retired?  Yea sure.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love having a rich and full life.  It’s what keeps me young.
Why am I telling you all this?  Because I want you to all know that even though I’ll be traveling all over the US I won’t forget you and I’ll be updating you all about my adventures.  If you want an even more intimate accounting of my life, you may want to become one of my patrons on Patreon, especially if you want to know more about my book.  I’ll be posting more in depth there, as well as chapters of my relationship book, relationship tips and other fun stuff.

Have a great weekend.  I’m off to Phoenix in a couple days!




  1. Angela Muser · March 10, 2017

    And I was wondering if you have time to write a book about your life. It would be edifying. Inspiring. Exciting…
    Maybe later.


    • allenagabosch · March 10, 2017

      Oh, I have plans to do that, too. That’s the next book. I just need to have a few more adventures before I write that one. Thanks!


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