There is a saying that when a door closes another will open.  Well a major door in my life recently closed and thankfully more than one door has opened.

What am I talking about?  In late January I was laid off by the organization that I help found, The Center for Sex Positive Culture.  This was due to financial reasons since they recently had to move and the new building build-out has turned out to be extremely expensive.  And, since I no longer was the Executive Director and just working part-time, they felt it was financially in the best interest of the Center to let me go.

While I was initially angry and I’m still sad at their decision, I do understand why they chose to do this and I don’t hate them and still wish the best for the Center. It is my legacy and I want it to be there for years to come.

And wow, have the doors opened.  I seem to be busier now than ever before.  Speaking opportunities around the country are opening up.  I have two books that are being written (and maybe a third on Seattle Sex Culture). I’m back on track with my senior sexuality education, teaming with a great therapist in creating the content.  And it just keeps coming.  I have to say that while I miss the Center I’m not super devastated that this happened.

That said, money isn’t flowing in.  I want to get my coaching business more active and I really want to make sure I finish both books which should help me make enough money to live on along with my Social Security.  Yup, your read right.  I am old enough for Social Security and I just applied for it.  Whew, I feel old.  Ha ha.

One thing I’m doing to create the possibility of more money in my life is that I’m now on Patreon  which will insure that my book, 20 Relationship Tips to Try to Live and Relate By gets written.  Go here to check it out!

Thanks for reading and now that I have more time I will be blogging more often, although if you become a patron on Patreon  you will see even more of me.



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