With the craziness of the election, the fighting around the world and numerous people  passing; there doesn’t seem to be a lot to be grateful for in the last year — except maybe that 2016 is over.  However, when I look closely, I find many things to be grateful for.  Here’s my partial gratitude list for 2016 (a full one would take days to write).

I’m grateful that my mother is kicking bladder cancer’s ass and surviving all the other numerous health issues she’s dealt with this past year.

I’m grateful that my stepdad has kicked stomach cancer in the stomach.  I’m grateful that he is there for my mother and loves her so much.

I’m grateful that I passed my five year cancer free anniversary.   In fact, I’m grateful my health, while at time precarious continues to allow me to do almost everything I want to do.

I’m grateful that my family had a reunion this summer and I got to spend time with cousins and aunts and an uncle who some I haven’t seen in over 30 years.

I’m grateful for my partners, who really are able to thrive on benign neglect.  I’m not always the most available and I do love them all.  Polyamory makes it possible for me to be who I am and not try to fit someone’s ideal of what a partner should be.

I’m grateful for my silly, weird, amazing roommate, Trick, who constantly reminds me to stay mindful and not sweat the little things.  And who makes me laugh at the weirdest stuff.

I’m grateful that Trick and I found a wonderful little apartment to call home this summer.

I’m grateful that I have so many incredible friends that I have a hard time finding time to spend with them.  I’m grateful I live in such abundance.  I’m especially grateful for Robyn, Julie and Phyllis; three women who change my world by just being in it.

I’m grateful for Old Man Brunch.  Spending time with Leathermen who I adore and respect so much has given me a new appreciation of my Leather Family.  And I’m especially grateful that Sheldon, the 88 year old man we take to brunch is still with us.

I’m grateful that I got to travel all over the country this year spreading sex positive messages.  I started in January as a judge at the SW Leather Conference Master/slave contest in Phoenix.  In early March I got to teach classes in Anchorage for their amazing community and I got to see a small part of the Iditarod.  July was especially busy with a trip to New Orleans for Desiree, the Sex Worker’s Conference and then a few weeks later to Dallas for  PolyDallas Millennium polyamory conference.   Then in November I went to Victoria for their Conception Conference.  Then, finally in December I traveled to Mt. Vernon, Iowa’s Cornell College to present “A Kink in the Cure” with my good friend Tim Murry who created this amazing performance piece.  I’m so grateful that I was able to do all of this last year.

I’m grateful that I got to speak locally at numerous colleges and conferences and that by doing so I make a difference in the world.

I’m grateful that I’ve worked almost 18 years for The Center for Sex Positive Culture and that I’m partially responsible for it existing, as well as the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, The Seattle Erotic Art Festival and our other various programs.  I’m also grateful that I no longer work full-time as the Executive Directors of the two organizations and that two incredible leaders have stepped up and taken charge of the two organizations.

I’m grateful that the Center has found a new space (and I’m really grateful it wasn’t  my job to find the building nor  do the build-out and other work involved in getting us back up and running.  Been there, done that)

I’m grateful that I’m the Development Director for the Center and I get to put on fundraisers, do outreach and help keep our doors open.

I’m grateful that a sweet guy from Australia contacted me to see if I would help him write a book on Sex Postivity.  What an honor to be asked.

I’m grateful I am finally getting off my ass and writing a book on Relationship Principles.

I’m grateful for all of you who are reading this and who support me in all that I do.

So, my question to all of you.  What are you grateful for?


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