Our Future

I’ve been pondering what I wanted to write about following the election and what I want to talk about is our future.

First I want to acknowledge the initial anger and fear I felt at the results of the election.  Anger and fear that was quickly replaced by sadness.  Sadness has been my prevailing emotion this past week.  I’m sad that our world quickly spiraled out of control.  I’m sad that many found that electing Trump was a mandate to be able to vent their fear and hatred of people of color, the LGBT community, women, immigrants and others in violent and destructive ways.  I’m sad that many of those I love now live in fear.  I’m sad that some are even talking about leaving our country.  I am filled with sadness.

We are not born racist, homophobic, sexist, misogynistic or with whatever other hatreds fills our souls.  Most of us though are born into racism, homophobia, sexism and misogyny.  We are products of this messy thing we call life and because of that none of us are perfect or without flaws.  What causes us to go from being a babe in arms to arming ourselves against our neighbors? Where does this hatred come from?  A friend of mine once said that anger and fear ferment into hatred.   She is so right.  And when our politicians and leaders (not just Trump) speak that anger and fear and it is allowed it to ferment we get what we currently have.  A sad state of affairs and a country that I wish I could say I didn’t recognize, but it really hasn’t changed much from when I was young.  In fact, it feels that we’ve gone back to a time when speaking our hate was okay and again, I’m sad.

So, our future?  What do we do?  I can’t speak for any of you and I will never tell you what to do.  I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.  I’m going to continue being the best person I can be.  I am going to speak out when I hear someone voice hatred; in whatever form it may take (liberal and conservative).  I’m going to be there for my friends who are marginalized and mistreated.  I’m going to keep the conversation going, even amongst those who do not agree with me and even with those who wish I didn’t exist.  I’m going to keep being a sexual subversive and keep teaching and advocating for healthy sexuality.  I will not allow my anger and fear (which I do have) to ferment into hatred.   Most importantly I am going to Love.  That is my future.  What is yours?



  1. Carl Bergstrom · November 17, 2016

    Our Future – What audacity to think that the most powerful political office in the world would not evoke the most intense efforts to posses it. Jefferson, Franklin and the rest were thinking ‘the colonies’ not ‘the world’ – how were they to know?

    I have fear but mostly I don’t let it control me. I have love and to a great extent I do let that control me. That will not change from anything political. Core values don’t move like that. I am privileged by birth yet those I chose as my family and my band are now justifiably scared. I look ahead and see the work that needs doing and the people who will need help and I am angry because this does not have-to be. I take energy from that anger and put it to getting the work done – whatever small part I can manage. I do this with the knowledge that human behavior has seldom been as good as it can be, and with faith in the belief that I can make a difference in that if I try.



  2. allenagabosch · November 17, 2016

    Thanks Carl for your comments and willingness to make a difference


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