On Love

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted here.  Obviously I’ve been busy and I’ve been traveling and well, not writing.  Sorry.  More coming soon, too.

This is short and sweet.  A friend is doing some research on polyamory and interviewed me for her project.  She sent me an email asking about how my thoughts and experiences on love have changed over time.

This is what I said:

My thought’s on love.  I think as I’ve matured my connection to love also has.  I’m less likely to get caught up in the New Relationship Energy that seems to go with falling in love.  I’m more of the Mature Relationship Energy type.

When I was young, even though I was poly, love was about big feelings and heartache and possession and all consuming at times.  Now it’s about smiling softly when I think of my partner Kris and how much I love and miss her (she lives in Indiana).  The type of love that I have is quiet, and soft and all encompassing.  And while it also can be passionate and crazy and exhausting, that comes less and less for me and I’m fine with that.

I prefer my love to just “be” rather than “do” if that makes sense?



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