Sex Ed, Facebook and Shame

I got a text from my great friend and co-educator Nekole Shapiro yesterday morning that I was booted off Facebook for 24 hours because of a video she posted to our page, Raising Kids Without Sexual Shame.  The video was part of an amazing Norwegian sex ed series created for 8-12 year olds.  Google “Norwegian sex ed” for a shit ton of articles about it, such as a great one in The Daily Beast.   Yes, it’s fairly graphic, and so what?  It’s to the point, informative and celebratory.  I would have loved this kind of information when I was starting to hit puberty.  It’s so much better than the shame based, abstinence only crap our kids get here in America

Aw, Facebook, as much as I love what you offer the world:  being able to reach so many people to get my message across; finding relatives I didn’t know I had;  I’m so sad by your shaming, sex negative ways.   And, mostly because it’s so arbitrary.  It’s usually breastfeeding, or female nudity or something like this a sex education video that gets the boot.   I did read recently that you’ve changed your no nudity stance to allow for art, so how about we also allow for sex ed and breast feeding?

And this 24 hour ban?  It’s like getting spanked by your parent, or sent to your room.  It’s a type of shaming and totally uncalled for.  If there is something that we need to remove, ask us and even though we may disagree, we’ll remove it because, it’s your business, but Mr. Zuckerberg, please stop spanking and shaming us.  We are your clients, not your children.

Here’s a link to the Daily Beast article.



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