My New Website is live!

I love being a coach.  It’s amazing to know that I’ve made a difference in people’s lives.Until recently I’ve advertised my coaching via just word of mouth.  At the beginning of August my new website, went live.

My tagline is “Taking You From The Present Into The Future”  What does that mean?  I like to tell people that therapy deals with your past and brings you to the present.   Coaching takes you from the present and into the future.  A future where anything is possible.  A future that is fully self-expressed and rewarding. And that’s what I can do.  We all have times where we just need someone to give us that push to move forward in our lives. I can be that someone.

I offer coaching in all areas of relationship and sexuality, with an emphasis on polyamory (aka ethical non-monogamy) and BDSM.

Polyamory coaching – Polyamory is an amazing way to live and also complicated and at times frustrating. I have been polyamorous for over 40 years and bring many years of experience to your coaching. I can assist you in opening up your relationship. If you’re newly poly I can coach you through the rough spots. If you’re single and want to be able to have multiple partners, I can help with that. I’m available to meet individually or with you and your partners.

BDSM coaching – Entering into the world of BDSM can be daunting and intimidating. I can make the path fun and easy. I can teach you basic negotiation skills and how to make sure you are safe in your journey. If you’re a budding dominant, I can assist you in developing the skills needed to be a good Top. If you’re more of a bottom (or a switch like me) I’ve got lots to offer you, too. I’ve got 20+ years in the BDSM community and have a wealth of knowledge on many areas of BDSM.

Sex, Intimacy and Relationship coaching – We have a tendency to conflate sex, intimacy and relationships even though they are three very separate parts of our lives. I can help you figure out the differences and also where they overlap in your life. I can assist you in creating conscious relationships, increasing your intimacy and improving your sex life.

I offer coaching for individuals, twosomes and moresomes.  I’m also available to teach a variety of workshops and skills that are related to the areas I coach.  Here’s a short list.

Difficult Conversations.  Want to talk to your partner about changing something in your relationship? Opening it up? Trying a new kink? Is there an issue or problem you just keep avoiding? Do you put off conversations hoping the problem will just go away or that your partner can read your mind? It’s really not as hard as you think, you just have to be willing to take a chance, be vulnerable and speak up. Allena will give you tools and techniques on having those tough conversations.

The Good The Bad and The Poly  Polyamory is a much misunderstood lifestyle. This is an open and honest discussion about Polyamory in all its forms, from someone who has done it for 30+ years.

Beyond Polyamory  The number one question that anyone Poly gets is “don’t you ever get jealous?” or some similar.  Jealousy is a normal emotion and yes, most Poly folk get Jealous.   Just what is Compersion? Is it possible? A frank discussion of Jealousy, Compersion and Relationship Changes in Poly relationships.

Happy Endings — Breaking up…how to do it and stay friends.  Breaking up is hard to do — and staying friends afterward even tougher. This is not just a “how to break up” class but a “how to have a healthy relationship” class based on Allena’s Principles.

Get Your Flirt Flirting is natural for some folks but for most of us it takes practice.   Allena will teach you how to do it.  She’ll cover some of the basics of flirting and why they work and you’ll get a chance to “get your flirt on” for real in this interactive workshop.

Aging and Sexuality  We all grow older (damn it) and as we age our abilities, our interests and our health changes. This is a discussion and workshop about how to navigate aging and stay sexually healthy and happy.

Basic Negotiations and Etiquette for the Sex Positive Community  Negotiation is an important part of BDSM interactions and really any intimate interactions (that’s a euphemism for sex). I will share negotiation types and techniques that will hopefully not only improve your play but also your other intimate interactions and discuss common etiquette.

So, check out my site and contact me if you’d like coaching.  My rates are on a sliding scale $45-80 and hour with a two hour minimum.  Monthly rates are available.  Classes vary depending on the number of participants.


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