Catching Up

I am a crappy blogger.  I get so busy with my life that I totally space on this and then it’s YIKES  I need to write NOW!

It’s been a crazy month plus.  I’m still in the NRE phase of my newest relationship, I moved (two miles down the road to White Center, which I love), I started a new podcast (more on that later) and on Friday I’m leaving for a cross country road trip with one of my dear partners, Travis.

Obviously the road trip is at the top of my mind.  We’re headed to Dark Odyssey Fusion in Maryland.  Fusion is a 4 day kinky sexy camp out with 1200 people in attendance!  Wow!  I’m presenting four of my classes and really excited to attend this event for the first time.  Instead of flying out Travis suggested we drive and since I could use a 2+ week vacation I said yes.   We are stopping at various places to visit old and new friends and to also check out the local highlights and tourist traps.  One of the places we’re stopping is Branson MO which I’ve been told is the Vegas of the Bible Belt/Ozarks.  Yea!  Fun times.  And a guy I know in Youngstown Ohio owns the first insect farm for human consumption, Big Cricket Farms.  We’re going to stop on the way home and I’m going to eat a cricket hot dog!  That’s just two of the interesting stops we’ll be making.  If I don’t forget and stay on top of things, I’ll be posting here on my blog about our trip (and also on my Facebook page. If we’re friends you’ll see lots of photos from the trip).

I’m excited about the classes I’m going to be presenting.  One of my favorites is The Good, The Bad and The Poly.  My basic poly class that I love to give.  I’m also doing one on Aging and BDSM.  Since I’m 62 I think I can safely teach that one.  My Humor and BDSM class is not only funny but informative and then I’m doing a Kinky Crafting class on Decorative Needle Play.  This will be a chance to make pretty needles to stick people with.  Yea!

Finally, about my new podcast.  I recently had the extreme pleasure of being on a panel discussion at a meeting of the Seattle Relationship Anarchy meet up.  I not only ran into people I already knew but made some wonderful new friends.  And now I’m totally in love with the group and the amazing people who attend.  Two of those amazing people, Jon Connor and Friedel Fisher and I have started a new podcast that we hope will air every other Tuesday.  The Relationship Anarchy Show is a frank discussion of relationships of all kinds with an emphasis on Ethical Non-monogamy.   The first podcast came out yesterday.  Please check it out!

I won’t promise to write more often and I will promise to try.  Stay tuned.

And remember, in the words of Auntie Mame  “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”


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