Just Catching Up

Wow, it’s been over a month.  I’ve had such a busy fun time that I totally spaced on writing.  I will not be away so long again.

Part of the reason I’ve been away is that I’ve been in the midst of a new relationship.  While I identify as a BDSM switch most of my play is either as a masochist or a sadist.  I seldom let my inner Dom out.  Well, on Valentine’s day I ran into an old friend who I hadn’t seen in a number of years.  After a long conversation about submission (his) and his long-term crush on me (much to my delight and surprise) we decided to try a Dom/sub relationship.  I must say that it’s been quite fun and his geekiness and love for Science Fiction adds another dimension to the relationship (a 5th or maybe 6th dimension? 🙂 ).  In fact, he has to plan one Geeky Date a month  for us.  The first one was him cooking dinner and us watching Guardians of the Galaxy.  The next one, this coming weekend is a visit to the EMP and Science Fiction Museum.  Hurrah for geekdom! (or is that geeksub).

It’s kind of weird, now that I’m “unretired” and working only part time you would think that I’d have all kinds of time for myself and yet it seems the more free time I have the more I fill it up.  Since I’m such a relationship junkie I just hate telling anyone I care about no, and it’s finally starting to catch up with me.  I look at my calendar for the last month and I had 7 nights that didn’t have a meeting, a date, a dinner with friends or a show to attend and was home before 9PM.  And 2 of those nights I could have done something but chose to stay home.  To my friends who read this, expect me to start saying “no” a bit more often.  I realize that as much as I NEED my time with partners and friends, I NEED my down time, too.  Although, after checking my April calendar it’s not any better, since I’ll be going to Chicago for one weekend to present at the Galleria Domain and the Seattle Erotic Art Festival will be taking up a huge chunk of my time near the end of April.  Oh, well, I figure out some time for me.  I am planning a cross country road-trip in June for my vacation.

The upside of only working part-time is that I will have more time during the day, which I hope to use for writing and exercise (hmmmm, maybe I can figure out an exercise bicycle with an attached keyboard so I can write and ride).  Nekole and I are going to start creating our first Sex Intimacy and Relationship workbook and I promise I won’t wait a month before I post here again.  I have lots of topics I want to write about, with Gender and Seduction the top two on my list.

So stay tuned and I will be back (before the end of April, I promise)

Have a great day!


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